S & S Farm

It might be simpler to list off the items Steve and Mary Saffel don’t produce. S & S Farm is home to a variety of meat animals including turkey, chicken, ducks, and hogs, a couple of milk goats, and a wide range of produce from cantaloupes to collard greens, peppers to sweet potatoes.


S & S Farm is located on Mary’s great-great-grandparents’ land, first acquired and farmed by her family in the late 1800s. Knowing the history of the place, she can confidently say that no chemicals have been used on the land in the past two generations, and probably none before that either. Steve has been farming all his life, and his family is right up the road. He recounts selling produce with his father at the young age of 10. Farming is Steve and Mary’s livelihood, and it is one they’re glad to have chosen. “It’s a lot of work, but we love what we do,” Mary explains, “we’re close to our roots.”


Diversity is essential for this small scale operation, recognized as the Pocahontas County Conservation Farm in 2014. Steve and Mary are on the farm full time with farm help from occasional apprentices as well as their loyal farm dogs. Poultry flocks also assist, contributing their beaks and bills for pest management. Overall, the farm is maintained using organic growing practices, and both Steve and Mary have GAP training. Produce, meat, and eggs from S & S Farm are available at the Lewisburg Farmers’ Market, area restaurants, through a CSA, and for the first time this year, online through Monroe Farm Market.



To buy S & S produce and meat directly, or learn more about the Saffels’ farm contact:

Steve and Mary Saffel
55 Possum Hollow Road Marlinton, WV 24954