Roaring Rock Farm

CIMG2049.304100206_stdRoaring Rock Farm is located in the Blue Grass Valley in Highland County Virginia.  Paul and Debbie Trible began farming in 1994 with a few sheep on 130 acres just outside of the town of Blue Grass. With help from their sons, Charles and Matthew, the operation now includes the farm near Blue Grass and a second farm in Hightown. The Tribles now focus their energy on raising hay and beef cattle, for both custom beef production and stocker cattle.

Paul is the son of a farmer and enjoys the outdoors. Debbie has a degree in animal science from Virginia Tech and is primarily responsible for overall animal health on the farm. They both share a passion for providing healthy food to consumers. They have passed that passion on to their youngest son. Matthew is currently a student at West Virginia University and is following in his mother’s footsteps by pursuing a degree in animal science. Debbie is a member of the Blue Grass Ruritans. She is also an accomplished horsewoman and enjoys training quarter horses.

IMG_0891.65130513_stdTheir farming philosophy is to provide high quality products to their customers. Both of their farm sites are at about 3000′ in elevation, allowing for cool summer temperatures and therefore better grazing.  In addition to grazing on the fresh mountain grasses, the Tribles’ cattle are finished on a custom grain blend for 120 days. The steers are then processed locally at Alleghany Meats and immediately frozen and packaged to preserve freshness. Beef cuts and ground beef are available directly from the farm, at the Highland Farmers’ Market, Country Convenience (in downtown Blue Grass), and Potomac Highlands Food and Farm in Davis, West Virginia.  In addition, starting in late December, Richmond customers will have easy access to Roaring Rock beef via Milton’s Local Harvest. If you are interested in getting beef from Roaring Rock Farm,contact the Tribles directly or through their website.


Paul and Debbie Trible
775 Wimer Mountain Road
Blue Grass, VA 24413