Puffenbarger’s Farm

Puffenbarger’s Farm is located in the heart of the Blue Grass Valley.

Farming in Highland runs deep with Doug and Terri Puffenbarger – the family has been farming in the area for three generations. “It’s our way of life,” Doug Puffenbarger says. When he’s not driving a the local school bus or taking photographs of the valley, he’s farming – helping his parents make maple syrup just down the road at Puffenbarger’s Sugar Orchard or caring for his herd of angus cows. His wife Terri, helps Doug out with paperwork and keeps him going. She also babysits and substitutes at the school.

Though the Puffenbargers have raised their own beef for the family for as long as Doug can remember, it wasn’t until recently that they decided to sell their beef publicly. “When Highland County got the USDA inspected facility, Alleghany Meats, I decided to sell our Angus beef to the public,” says Doug. “I took action and filled out the papers and got it rolling! The name “Puffenbarger’s Farm” came to be! It’s been very successful!”

Doug and Terri raise about 25 Angus cows each year.

The farm is located in the heart of the Blue Grass Valley. Their Angus and Angus cross cattle are bred, birthed and finished on the mountain pastures and fresh spring water at the farm. In the winter, this is supplemented with hay, hay silage and corn silage all straight from the farm. They use a small amount of grain-feed to produce a quality product with good marbling while still keeping the cows happy and healthy. Their cows are raised without growth hormones, animal by-products or unnecessary antibiotics.

Their beef is available for sale by individual steaks, roasts and hamburger by calling or e-mailing. Larger orders, by the quarter, half, or whole beef are also available.

doug&terripuffenbargerDoug and Terri Puffenbarger
Puffenbarger’s Farm
(540) 474-5712
2476 Maple Sugar Road
Blue Grass, VA  24413


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