Pillow Farm

Nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Pillow Farm has been family owned and operated in some capacity since the 1950’s. Owners Chezley and Nicholas Pillow, with help from their children, Lucy, Elyza and Lucas, are committed to raising USDA certified grass and grain fed Angus beef, pork, fresh eggs, and a variety of locally grown produce.

pillow1In regard to their methods, the Pillows aim to earn their customers’ trust with each meat, vegetable, and value-added product. “We pride ourselves in the care and humane treatment of our livestock. We do not administer preventative antibiotics or hormones, and our cattle enjoy a natural vegetarian diet of open fields with lush grass that has not been treated with chemicals… We use an all-natural and sustainable approach in all of our farming practices.” This mindset applies to each of their products down to the  heirloom and non-GMO seeds they start each spring. During colder months, they maintain a greenhouse to extend their growing season.

pillow7A family operation, Pillow Farm has developed some creative ways to make their products available to their community. Their grass fed beef and pork are available by the whole, half and quarter of the animal where price is based on each animal’s specific weight, allowing customers to participate in meat processing decisions and ensuring customers receive the optimal cuts they want.

The Pillows also offer a number of CSA options that feature their meat, produce, homemade breads or pastas, and eggs. They encourage members not to fret, “if you or a friend is unable to pick up your share [we] will deliver all left over produce to one of our local food pantries.” In addition, their newly launched a cow share program provides raw Jersey milk to shareholders.

Chezley and Nicholas Pillow

6616 Jackson River Rd
Hot Springs, VA 24445