Petra Plantation

PetraPlantation4Kim Wolfe always cultivated a small garden, even in the high mountains of Colorado where she and her husband, Mike lived before moving to Highland. After years at desk jobs, Kim wanted to spend more time and energy working the land and gaining skills that both she and Mike felt were being lost. Petra Plantation grew out of this goal and now supplies Highland residents with seedlings, greens, herbs, vegetables, and fruits grown less than 5 miles north of Monterey.

Petra Plantation is also home to a small poultry flock, producing eggs loved by many in town. The hens free-range around the creek, forest edge, and historic buildings on the property and live in a sunny coop, constructed with re-purposed wood, the façade salvaged during the renovation of their 1800’s log cabin. In the coop, hens roost on branches, eat an all-organic feed, and benefit from the deep bedding system Kim maintains for them.PetraPlantation3

“At first,” Kim recounted, “family was skeptical and still raise eyebrows at some things, but they certainly love the results—even the pickles and applesauce in their Christmas stockings!” Aside from stocking stuffers, Petra Plantation products are available each week at the Highland Farmers’ Market.

When she’s not in the garden, Kim volunteers at the Highland Elementary School and serves on The Highland Center board.



Kim Wolfe