Highland Hills Farm


The sugar camp at Highland Hills Farm.

Highland Hills Farm is located in the beautiful Blue Grass Valley near Hightown, Virginia. The family farm is four generations old and today, cousins Scott Smith and Paxton Grant keep their family’s tradition alive by producing beef, lamb and maple syrup.

Scott and Paxton tap over 100 maple trees in their sugar orchard inherited from their grandparents. Though they do use plastic tubing to collect the sugar water, they haven’t adopted some of the newer technology such as vacuum systems, evaporators or reverse osmosis machines that other producers are using.

Instead, they turn the water into syrup the old fashioned way. First, they boil the sugar water for hours over a wood fire in large pans in the sugar camp.  After this initial boiling, the syrup is strained and finished in a cast iron kettle. “Our syrup tastes different than others because we produce it using traditional methods for old fashioned sweetness,” says Scott Smith.

Highland Hills syrup is available from the farm. If they haven’t sold out from their word-of-mouth customers, Highland Hills Maple Syrup may be available at Dancon in Monterey, Virginia.


Boiling down sugar water the old fashioned way in the sugar camp


Testing the syrup with a hydrometer to determine if it is finished

Scott Smith and Paxton Grant
(540) 468-3324
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7634 Bluegrass Valley Road
Hightown, VA 24465

(Photographs by Sarah Collins & Jessa Fowler)