Fireside Farm

Founded in 2017, Fireside Farm is the result of ambitious dreams of becoming full time sustainable farmers. Jim King and his wife, Catie, although from two very different backgrounds, share in a passion for animals, delicious food, and spending time outdoors. Through previous work experience in nutrition and health management, both Jim and Catie were exposed to America’s broken food system. This has motivated Fireside Farm to develop around a healthy, sustainable and humane means of food production.

Fireside Farm raises non-GMO pastured poultry and eggs in Monterey, Virginia. Jim and Catie raise Cornish X broilers as well as a variety of laying hen breeds, namely chosen for winter hardiness and yearly egg production. Fireside Farm utilizes a method of rotational grazing through a partnership with Riven Rock Farm. The egg-mobiles serve as a coop for the birds, as they are moved throughout the pasture. Jim built them himself, along with the help of his father and Riven Rock’s saw mill. To obtain the best quality and manage the land properly, the broilers are moved 2 to 3 times per day. The laying hens have access to a quarter acre of fresh grass, every 2 to 3 days during the warmer season. Fireside Farm sources a locally milled, non-GMO feed from Sunrise Farms.

Catie is originally from Asheville, North Carolina, and Jim grew up in Millboro, VA on a small farm near the banks of the Cowpasture River. The two met while attending Appalachian State University in Boone, NC and were married soon after graduating. Jim served three years as the Health & Wellness Director at a YMCA, prior to farming full time. The pair seized the opportunity to partner with Riven Rock Farm, owned and managed by Chuck and Lou Ann Neely in Monterey, VA, where they also currently live. Catie serves currently as the Highland Recreation Commission Director for Highland County, in addition to managing Fireside Farm’s marketing and customer connections. Jim is the owner and manager of Fireside Farm. Jim and Catie have ambitions to expand production by diversifying into new breeds and varieties of both eggs and meat.


Where to get the goods: Contact Jim and Catie directly to purchase their pastured eggs and poultry. Fireside Farm products may be found in retail at the Highland Farmers’ Market, as well as Sue’s Super Nutrition in Harrisonburg. They are also featured in several local restaurants including The Highland Inn, Reunion Espresso & Bakery, Cranberries Eatery and Grocery, and Farmhouse Kitchen and Wares.






5091 Potomac River Rd
Monterey, Virginia
Call (540) 474-5999