What does eating local really mean? It means getting to know the PEOPLE who are working hard to provide your meats, produce, and value-added products. It means scheduling a visit to a farm to gain even more understanding about your dinner. It means knowing that your food does not just come from a farm, but from people. People who are not just farmers but fathers, daughters, moms, and sons working as a family in a community of friends.

Faces of Farmers is a project of The Highland Center created to help unite customers with producers in a whole new way. By telling our farmer’s stories, it aims to help market farms in the Allegheny Highlands region of Virginia and West Virginia and help customers learn more about their food.

Farm of the Month: Three Oaks Farm

When Burl Burns and Mary Mann bought a couple of longhorn Burl said he wanted them “just to look at.” Now with over sixty head, the Texas Longhorn cattle Burl and Mary raise in Hillsboro, WV are more than just eye candy. Despite horns measuring up to four-feet-long tip to tip, these cattle are some of the gentlest creatures you’ll ever meet–bred for both their disposition and the high quality beef they produce.

The longhorns range on the 190-acre farm with a historic home surrounded by old oak trees, thus the name, Three Oaks Longhorn. They market their meat through the Pocahontas Farmers’ Market and directly to customers. Learn more.